Portraits and Commissions

I’ve thought a lot about what it is that makes me want to paint portraits, especially of people. I think that having been a psychologist I feel drawn to try and and capture something of the experiences that the sitters have encountered during their life times. I guess this is why painting adults is easier than painting children because the adults have experiences written all over their faces whereas children usually don’t. I find that capturing the “essence” of that individual is what it is all about for me. I can’t rest till I think I’ve “got it”. It can feel like both an inspiring and exhausting exercise all at the same time. 

Here are some recent examples of my work:

If you want a commission I can send you details of my working practices and terms. in a perfect world I would like to meet the sitter and to paint from real life but that is not always possible so I often have to rely on using good photos. Just contact me and I will explain my working process. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some further examples:

Sometimes I meet people and feel compelled to paint them. These are two local characters who are known to each other and who were such fun to paint.



This is an African safari guide who lives to show “his” wilderness to tourists in the hope that they will love what they see as much as he does. I painted him in two different styles. Which do you prefer?





Here are two elderly people who have lived hard lives. One in Bulgaria and one in India. I tried very hard to capture their life experiences which I felt were written all over their faces. 



Portraits from life or photos? In a perfect world I would always paint from life. Unfortunately, because people are so busy or live so far away that I often end up painting from photographs. My preference is to take my own photos whenever  I can. I know what a “good” portrait photograph needs to look like and I can only work from them. Photos need clear images; must not be over exposed; too dark; too many objects etc. etc. –  I’m sure you undertsnad!


I honestly believe that my psychology background helps me to identify that “something” special that everyone has within them.  It’s a challenge but I try very hard to capture that “something” in my paintings. 


Have a look at some more examples of my work and see what you think. I love the way this sitter looks off to the left of the picture frame. Makes you wonder what she was thinking?



IMG_8110 (3)


Or how about this sitter. Is he frowning because of the bright sunlight or about what he’s thinking? I know but I can’t say – the artist/sitters secret…..




Is this sitter sad or sleepy. I don’t know but I like to imagine………



For commissions please contact me by phone or email – see my contact page for details.