Portraits and Commissions


Painting a portraits is a very intense and personal thing to do for someone. Everyone has an image in their mind of what a person “looks like”. How you see the subject and how the person commissioning the portrait sees it might be quite different. I have had some lively discussion about whether or not to include “blemishes” or uneven features. Do we as artists correct these idiosyncrasies or leave them in? Only you can decide.

Dramatic lighting can enhance a portrait so getting the composition or reference portrait just the way you want it is very important. I will be covering this subject in a later blog.


In a perfect world I would always paint from life. Unfortunately because people are so busy I often end up painting from photographs. My preference is to take my own photos whenever possible. I know what a “good” portrait photograph needs to be like and as result they enable me to get a great likeness and to select the exact composition that I want.



I honestly believe that my psychology background helps me to identify that “something” special that everyone has within them.  It’s a challenge but I try very hard to capture that “something” in my paintings. Have a look at some examples of my work and see what you think.





Here is one with an interesting viewpoint – the sitter is looking out of the frame and wistful.




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