Here are some recent examples of my work which I really enjoyed painting:









Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to have traveled all over the world and as a result I have seen some amazing sights. I am particularly drawn to the mountains and the sea as you can see from this example of a beautiful lake in Peru. These lakes in Peru, as a consequence of the high altitude, reflect the most amazing colours in both the water and the sky. 


Painting landscapes like these in Iceland were challenging. Some, like the land around the house, were dark and brooding looking whilst others, like the glaciers, were full of blues and greens – little icicle gems in their own right.

IMG_6612 (Edited)



The chalk cliffs of southern England are particularly attractive to my collectors. This painting is of the “Old Harry Rocks” in Devon. 



The local Devon landscapes are also filled with colour and contrasts too and trying to capture them alla prima is a real challenge (some I manage some I don’t).









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